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MarC Mouse Fix to include?

Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:41 pm

Hi there, first i would like to thank you for this website i do enjoy the layout and design of the website. Also thank you for all this information about what settings pro players use.

But i have noticed that there is no mention about MarC Mouse Fix, that basically helps to remove windows acceleration. I was wandering is there a chance to add this next to the player settings? Some people say that you don't need this any more especially with newer games that have RAW Input. But i do notice in BF4, Overwatch when Mouse Fix is applied. It's subtle feel so it's hard for some people to notice if Mouse Fix is working or not. I'm constantly going back and forth with it and cant decide if i like it or not.  And would like to know if other players are using it also. 

I know Seagull does not use it. And also i have asked around some of the other players some did mention that they use it. But as far as i know most of them do not use. But still curious to know more.

So would be possible to add this next to mouse settings please?